Strawberry Time..Lets get Jamming!

Do you like to POY (Pick Your Own) fruit? Well we do and normally make a day of it, with picnic and friends. Last week went to this wonderful farm Garelja Bros Strawberry Gardens which I have found from the Best Berries website. We picked an astonishing amount of quality strawberries. As it is coming to the end of the season and a lot of strawberries have been picked you are better checking out the Garelia Face Book page for opening times before you go. So what do we do with a bucket load of strawberries… we make jam, Yea!!
Although I also intend to make the cinnamon meringues with vanilla roasted strawberries from the Best Berry website, sound delicious.
Not to my jam, we all have our favourite variations on the standard strawberry jam, mine is vanilla – adding the bean pod seeds for a good strong flavor. However looking at recipes on the internet I came across this one for spicy strawberry jam, sounded absolutely delicious so tried it and it was…well worth making.

Spicy strawberry jam, a little different than the norm.
Spicy Strawberry Jam

Going to be busy this coming Sunday as we and some friends are off to Mangere Bridge Village, they have an admission free Boutique Market with Arts and crafts and fruit and vegetable stalls. We plan to take in the lava flows in Kiwi Esplanade and time permitting head off to Ambury Park, which is a working farm with chooks, piglets and sheep , I am sure the kids are going to love that. I am taking a break from baking and preserving for a coffee and 10 minutes on here but soon must get back to finishing off the jam that will go with the scones I will make for the picnic on Sunday. Let me know if you plan to go or if you can recommend a good PYO farm.

Kiwi Esplanade -lava flows New Zealand
Ropy pahoehoe surfaces on Mount Mangere lava flows found in the foreshore at Kiwi Esplanade – opposite the junction of Boyd & House Avenues

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