5 Interesting Food Preservations

Preserving Food
Preserving Food


Freezing and drying are the most common methods of preserving food. There are certain other easy methods to preserve food as well. I will try to list a few of the techniques which are interesting indeed. Food you love but cannot have because of the seasonal nature can be preserved and had when it is not available in the market. Also preserved food is a boon for travellers.

  • Canning – It is one of the most ancient methods to preserve food. It involves heating at a particular temperature for a designated length of time and vacuum sealing in a jar. All kinds of food can be preserved in this manner.
Preservation Techniques
Preservation Techniques
  • Pickling – It is soaking the food in a solution The solution is generally concentrated sugar solution or salt solution. Pickling requires fermenting, drying in sun or freezing to preserve. Food can be preserved for a long period using this technique.
  • Drying – One of the easiest and convenient methods of preservation. When the water is removed from the food it becomes non-perishable and can be used over a period of time. Meat and fish are generally preserved in this manner.
Nice food preservation
Nice food preservation
  • Cellars – The most ancient method of food preservation. Remember the cellars at “The Wall” in Game of thrones. The food is kept in a controlled environment to be fresh for a longer duration than at normal temperature.
  • Smoking – This method is used for keeping fish and meat dry and good to eat over a period of time. Smoked food is tasty as well.




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