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Cookers, jams and preserves…

Well spent most of the last week looking at cooker, as mine decided enough was enough. Given the nature of my kitchen I want a free standing cooker and after a bit of clever maneuvering (freezer now in wet room) I managed to make room for… drum roll, a Fisher & Paykel, 90cm freestanding 5 burner oven. I am over the moon. After long discussions with hubby re our finances and options for a cheaper model, we decided that given the cooking I do and the nice little income coming from selling at the carboots we could afford payments on a short term loan, so had a look around and decided on https://www.ferratum.co.nz/. I can’t wait till next week and delivery – also feeling antsy as not  cooked or jammed in a week. Kids loving all the barbies though!

New cooker Fisher & Paykel 90cm 5 burner large oven.
My New Oven…Yea

As with everyone one else I am constantly looking for ways to help my family eat healthily, and cutting down on the sugar is one. I know I jam for fun  & small business but that doesn’t mean I can’t reduce the sugar. While internet searching for recipes I came across this article, which I found interesting and helpful. I have used pectin before, easily bought from the store but this article got me thinking about using fruit to provide its own natural pectin. it makes the jams a bit less ‘solid’ but the taste is just as good. I am definitely going to give the strawberry and cream jam from the article a try and be interesting to see how it sells at the car boots. As we took out slightly more than the cost of the oven I treated myself to a couple of other essentials, a new thermometer being one of them and I treated myself to some bottling products as well. A bit like christmas and my birthday all in one.

A collection of items for jamming or preserving, all essentials in one nice gift pack
Great gift pack… hint hint!