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Maltese Plums or Loquat Jam


Loquat fruit or Maltese plums lovely for jams or wines
Loquat fruit


I had an interesting Skype conversation with a friend who is currently in Turkey at the moment, there she was sat at in a garden eating fruit and chatting away.  Behind her was a number of tree laden with orange fruit, they looked so familiar but I could not place them. When I asked her about them she said the locals called them mus mullah and she thought they were some sort of plum, nice to eat but the middle had large shiny pips in them. Then I remembered my parents had these in their garden when I was a child. A bit of rumanging around in my memory and with Google and there it was, the Maltese Plum or loquat. I then told my friend that they made not only a lovely jam but wine also.  I said I would look for some recipes for her.  I found this one which I thought sounded interesting. There is quite a discussion on taking out the pips or leaving them in. These pips like apples contain a certain amount of cyanide compounds but you would need to eat a lot before they became toxic and certain wine recipes and Chinese medicines use them. I would just leave a handful in  when jamming for the pectin and colour they make.

Reading up and remembering this versatile fruit and lovely fragrant tree I realised we had the answer to what to put in our garden in the bare patch. Chatted to hubby who agreed and that is what we will do, found this lovely article that was very useful in persuading him. On my internet travels I also found this lovely glaze recipe for loquat and ginger glazed leg of lamb – now this is definately on the menu for weekend.

Loquat fruit and the bitter large seeds that can be toxic if taken in too high quantities
Loquat fruit and seeds