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Homemade Goodies for Personal Christmas Hampers


A Christmas Hamper - mine would be full of homemade relishes and jams
A hamper similar to mine, I really will have to take a photo of them this year.

I have just received delivery of my christmas gifts for a couple of girlfriends. I have bought them both a copy of Rowan Bishop with Relish, they often taken recipes from my copy so thought it time they had their own.

I have been busy with them the last couple of months getting some preserves done for Christmas presents. I have also done a few jars  ( 2 dozen)  of Coriander, Mint & Cashew Pesto. This is such a versatile pesto, great with eggs, dilute with a little more oil and you a get a great salad dressing, try it over warm carrots – delicious. You can find this recipe here along with a favourite of my family,  Sherry mustard, honey & herb.

I am off to a Christmas market , New Zealand style this weekend, I am looking for some christmassy jars or lid covers. Last year I bought some gorgeous reindeer and elf felt stickers to decorate my jar but can not remember where from, hoping it was this market. Fingers crossed, I could make my own but really not a lot of free time a the moment.

Homemade Christmas Cherry Chutney
Christmas Cherry Chutney

A new recipe for my Christmas baskets is Christmas Cherry Chutney, hope it is as good as it sounds. My Christmas baskets are my gifts to family and close friends and I put a mixture of homemade jams, relishes and various other homemade delicacies.  Along with some speciality cheese I normally purchase at the markets. I am going to make some homemade truffles with the kids a bit nearer to the day, splashed with a little of everyones favourite liquor they are usually a hit.

Making truffles a messy, sticky business but a lot of fun, I have even found a recipe for gluten free and dairy free using coconut milk so all of my friends and family can partake. My recipe is so similar to this one that I have not posted mine. The difference is I sometimes add some liquor to the cream( or coconut milk) I also finely, finely chopped dried fruit and add that in just before I roll into balls. When I am feeling in a particular sticky messy mood I put a small ball of marzipan in my hand and roll the truffle around it